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Art Director & Digital Designer.
Design & Development for Brands, Websites,
UX & Apps. 17 years + experience.

Andrea Ruffo

During my studies I attended many workshops and seminars on communication, brand identity, logo creation, web design, coordinated image, packaging and vector works. I am a highly motivated, committed and confident person and work well both on my own and as part of a team. I enjoy handling assignments which require imagination and creative flair. I am flexible in my thinking, hard-working and always meet deadlines. I see each task as a means of honing my professional skills and progressing in my career.


In 2005 I moved to London with the intention of expanding my knowledge and understanding of all aspects of international design. I am an ambitious person and have always believed that travelling abroad to learn about other cities and cultures is essential to improving my knowledge of the communications world and undoubtedly further enhancing my career prospects. This international experience has proven my ability to communicate with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and enabled strong relations to be formed.


My work experience thus far has demonstrated my ability to work independently and within a team environment. After working on various projects as a freelance designer, I was offered a permanent position at WORK COMMUNICATIONS, a specialist communications and recruiting company. Since then, I have grown professionally within the digital team where I have been able to demonstrate my passion for design and ability to complete and deliver tasks on schedule. In 2007 I won a RAD award for best work of the year.


I moved into healthcare in 2012 where I became Senior Art Director for an agency called DIGITAS HEALTH. In these 4 years I had the pleasure to work with the most exciting people and faced many creative challenges. A year after I joined the agency I won 2 Craft Awards by designing engaging Augmented Reality Apps used by healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical representatives.


Since January 2016 I have been freelancing in London.

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